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Related post: Date: Mon, 01 Jul 2002 04:51:55 +0100 From: Subject: Pete, Larry and BrendanAll the usual cautions, disclaimers and restrictions apply. This is a true story of my last few weeks at a British university about thirty years ago. I've changed all the names. Unsafe sex occurs as this was ages ago before HIV but even then we should have used condoms. Please stick to safer sex.Remembering Pete, Larry and BrendanI was fed up. I was hot. I was bored. I was tense. My degree finals began in a week's time and I struggled to stop my mind from wandering from my very young nud studies. My eyes were closing and I read the same sentence again for the fifth time. I leaned back in my seat and stretched. Two weeks of exams and then it would be all over. At least until I started on my Master's degree in September. I would have nearly three whole months free from study.Psychology was such a popular subject in first year (freshman year) that final honours students made a little pocket money as mentors to groups of 15 first year students. We would supervise their experimental psychology classes, mark their experimental reports and be generally available to explain and discuss when they got stuck in understanding something.My last task was to mark a re-submission of an experimental report by one of my group. Pete was bright but lazy. nymph youngest sex He enjoyed partying too much and always handed in his work at the very last minute. His reports were too brief and barely considered. Throughout the year he had scraped pass marks from me on most of them. He could fail one and still sit his end of year exams but I had failed him on two of them. He had to re-write one of the two. I was to mark it and hand kat young in his mark by noon tomorrow. If I passed it then he could sit the exam, if not, he would flunk the whole year in psychology. I had written sufficient remarks and suggestions on them that all he had to do was incorporate young amateur girls my points into the re-submission.Pete had passed by me earlier young sleepover nudes in the afternoon."Pete, remember to get your re-write to me today. Before 9pm please, as I am up to my eyes in revision for finals next week.""Yeah, yeah. OK. I'm going down to the beach with Sarah now. Later."He should be studying, not young thong pics sunbathing, in my opinion. I was envious. I was working and he wasn't. I thought him sexily hot young hairy schoolgirl and he was going to the beach with his girlfriend. I was pissed off.The minutes and hours dragged by. Almost six o'clock, time for a meal break. I was living in what was described as an innovative concept of communal living - a student village. I went to one of the restaurants. Ate, scarcely spoke with anyone and made my way back to my room. On the way, my path crossed with Pete's. He was in Speedos, sandals, and a towel over his shoulder and an arm round Sarah's waist."Nine o'clock, Pete." I warned.He gave Sarah a kiss. "See ya later, babe. I've gotta sort out this thing with Mark. OK?"Pete followed me into my room and sat on my bed."Have you done it, yet?""No.""You've had plenty time. You've had young virgins russian all day. You have just over 2 hours to finish it. If you read my remarks small young teens then you could probably do it in ... maybe 90 minutes.""Yeah, well, I've got to shower and change. I've got to eat young verry porno and I've got Sarah to make happy - you know what I mean?""This isn't my concern. I'm busy. The last thing I want to do is do more marking. Get it to me by 9 - tell you what, I'll give you to 10 at the latest. I need to hand in your grade tomorrow.""You just need to give the grade, yeah? Not the report itself.""They don't see any of your experimental work. Your point is?""Well. You don't want to mark it. I young girls oics don't want to do it again. Let's save us both some hassle. Just give young teenies porno me a bare pass as usual.""You mean just give a pass for no work? That isn't fair on the others, is it? You're asking me to cheat.""But it also saves you having to take time out from studying in young girl shit order to mark it.""True. teens youngs cums But I resent the fact that I'm revising day and night whilst you are too busy sunbathing or fucking your girlfriend to do the necessary work. You've been doing this all fucking year. You are not a poor student because you're stupid, but because you'd rather have fun then do some honest work from time to time."Pete stood and moved behind my seat. He rested his hands on the nape of my neck and started to massage my neck and shoulders."Mark, sweetie, you've gotta relax. Let go of all this tension and anger. Look. I've got a proposition for you. I'll give you a blowjob and you give me the pass mark." He felt me stiffen in indignation. "Hey, I'll tell you what - I'll be generous. You can fuck me if you want. I've been fucked before at boarding school. It's no big deal. But I don't want to cum 'cos I'm saving it for fucking with Sarah later."I felt outraged and turned on. Angry and tempted."How dare you! What makes you think that this is an acceptable suggestion?"I twisted from his hands and rose to my feet. He cupped my face fucked too young in his hands."Come on, Marky darling, I've seen the way you look at young teenage girls me and some of the other guys when you think we're not watching. You fancy me. You want my body. You are nice and polite and OK with the women in our group but you don't give any of them amateur young bikini a second glance. So, you are gay. You want to have sex with me. I'm not gay but I'd russian naturist young rather be screwed than waste time doing bloody young shaved girl reports. I do you a favour and you amateur young s do me one. You give me a pass. Simple."I'd wrenched away from him but he grabbed a hand and held it tight. "Mark, darling, be sensible. You know you want it." He moved to pick up his towel. "I'll give you some thinking time. I'm going to take a shower and collect some youngs boys sexe clothes. mature young lesbian I'll be back in about ten minutes, in my Speedos, clean and smelling nice, with young litles my clothes to be put on later. You have until then to decide whether to take young kid nude me up on my offer. If you turn me down, so be it. I'm still not going to do the re-write. If you fail me, you fail me."I watched him leave. I was still feeling a bit angry but I knew that I would submit a young female nudists pass mark tomorrow, even if we didn't have sex. So, what the hell? I might as well fuck the man. Once decided, my dick was hard in seconds. I rubbed it through my pants as I waited for his return. I kicked off my shoes, pulled off my socks and began to undress. I stood naked, washing my pits and crotch in the hand-basin in my room. I cleaned my teeth. Pete returned."Oh, good. You've decided then. You know, I like you. Perhaps you didn't realise. I actually respect and like you a lot. I know that I'll have to settle down next year. But it's been so good to get away from home, to have fun, not to take life so seriously for a time." He stepped forward, shucking out of his Speedos. I opened my arms and his kissed me passionately on the mouth, forcing his tongue to mine."You say that you're straight but you're hard, man."Pete giggled. "I'm just a horny my young pussy guy. I don't think anyone is 100% anything. I much prefer women but I want to make you happy. You'd feel sordid if I just bent over, let you shaft me and then walked out - wham, bam, just like that. Come on, snog me."I resumed kissing him as I held him tight and ran my hands over his back and down to his buttocks. His dick stuck out young feet toes between my thighs, throbbing and tapping under my balls. I reached to grasp it."Be careful! I don't want to cum. So don't get me too excited or I'll never last being fucked. young guys cumming Have you ever been fucked, Mark?""No. I've reached 22 years of age and I'm still virtually virgin. I wanked with young virgin forum a couple of guys, that's all.""Shit! A cherry! You're a good-looking guy, nice body, tall and dark. Surely, some guy wants inside your pants. In fact, I think I know of two from the group.""Who? Tell me.""Uhuh. Wouldn't be right, I might be wrong. They may not want you to know they want you. Anyway, you're with me right now so I'll stop you of thinking of other men."Pete sank to his knees, trailing his hands down my sides and coming to rest on my hips. He bent forward and kissed the tip of my cock. He licked me like a stick of rock (candy cane), up and down my shaft and sucked gently on my balls. As he reached the head of my cock again, I held his head and gently fucked into his mouth. Pete pulled away."Let's be clear. Are you going for the blowjob or are you wanting the fuck?""I don't know. I've never young pussy pictures had either. But, I want to try fucking you.""OK, sweetheart. Then young film tgp you better get me warmed up and relaxed."I must have looked puzzled as he stood up and drew me down to sit next to him on the bed. "Gosh, this is quite kinky, in a way. I'm seducing and teaching a gay guy how to fuck - and I'm the straight guy. I'm 19 and you're 22. I find this funny. Right. You need to get my arsehole to relax young little loltas or you'll hurt me. If you've not fucked before, you youngest legal boys won't have any lube. That's OK. You're not super-hung, 'bout average in length and thickness. Open me up right and use lots of spit and I'll manage. I think it's best if I kneel astride you so I can take it in gradually. That's later, first you must get my hole to relax and you use your tongue. You know I've showered so I'm quite sweet and tasty. Then, you must use a finger and then two fingers to open me up. When I'm ready, we can fuck."I looked down at his hardon. It was about 6 inches. Mine was 5.5 inches. He knelt on all fours on the bed and held his bum cheeks apart. For a moment, I young russiansex pics just stared.I crouched down and began to lick up and down his crack. Pete wriggled a bit. "You're tickling. But lollipop young porn don't stop. It feels good. Stick your tongue up me."Again, I hesitated. The outside might be washed but inside... Lust took over. I jammed my mouth tightly against his hole and poked it with my tongue. Each time, I seemed to find less resistance. Suddenly, he opened like the iris on a camera and my tongue entered his arse. Not nasty, a bit sour, a bit tobaccoey. I didn't smoke but that was the best comparison - an unlit cigarette. Pete groaned."Try a finger."I stuck my finger in my mouth and coated it liberally with spit. I pushed it slowly up him, as far young preeteen angels as it young hairless cock would go and wiggled it around a bit. I fucked him with it and pressed on the sphincter rim asian tgp young to stretch it. My cock was beginning to drip precum. I took my finger out and ran my middle finger over the head of my cock to collect the precum. I spat on both fingers and pushed both into his hole. He groaned again."Am I hurting?""No, you idiot. I'm getting turned on. In some ways, I wish I wasn't but there it is. I love having sex, any sex. That's right. Fuck me with both fingers. Mmmmh. OK. Let's try the real thing."Pete moved away from my fingers and they slurped out. He sat on the bed and drew me towards him. He kissed me."Lie back. ukraine young cunts Lean against the pillow. Oh, you're fairly juicy already. I'll hot young moms just gob some spit on your dick and then we're away."He knelt astride youngest wet pussy my knees and spat two or three times on the head of my dick and used his hand to coat the head and shaft. Leaning forward and, shuffling up the bed towards me, brought his jutting dick close to my mouth. I forbidden young nude stooped to suck."No! Don't! It feels great. Any other time animated young nudes then maybe. It will be difficult enough not cumming when you fuck me. I want to fuck Sarah at least a couple of times tonight."Pete aimed my dick at his arsehole and eased gradually down on it. He winced a little once the head was inside him. I almost came. He stayed still, not moving, until he got used to it. His ring was less tight on my cock now and he continued to impale himself. His bum rested against my pubes and balls.He began to gently rock, back and forth, slightly up, slightly down. I put my arms round him and clung to him."Don't hold me so tight. I need to be able to move on you. I'm banking on you cumming soon. If we go on like this for much longer, I'll start to shoot, too."He grabbed my face and kissed me deeply and vigorously, plunging his tongue in and out of my mouth and swirling it around my teeth and tongue. He was bouncing up and down on my dick. I very quickly came, spurting ribbons of cum deep inside him. Pete leapt off me and pretty young twat ran to the washbasin to splash cold water on his crotch."God help me, darling. I nearly lost it. It's almost a year since anyone fucked me. I'd almost forgotten how much I could enjoy it. Well, teacher, what marks do I get for that performance?""Er, A minus.""You mean bastard!" He laughed. "Why big young cocks not an A or an A+?""I never give them unless someone is outstanding. You're the first so I've nothing to compare you with. I have to allow for someone young nude virgins to be better."He dried himself on my towel and quickly dressed. He bent to kiss me."See ya, sweetie. Bye." He left.I felt a bit guilty. I felt enthralled with my first real gaysex. I felt as if I might have been conned. Was he really straight as he claimed? Or was he cute young boy bisexual?He got his necessary pass mark. I saw him around maybe half a dozen times before he left to go home. He sometimes smiled or winked but sweet young japanese we had no other contact or conversation.The finals came and went. I stayed at university for graduation. The first years had their exams and were leaving for home. I went out for a drink with friends to celebrate the end of exams and the posting of our results. I noticed that Brendan was about 200 yards behind us. He was another guy from my first year mentoring group. About 6ft 2in, slim, short wiry hair and the youngest of his year. He was very bright and had come to university at just turned 17. He still wouldn't be 18 at the close of the academic year."What are you looking at?""Just that boy behind us.""Who is it? Do you know him?""Yeah, from my group. I was just wondering if he was following us."We got to the pub and two went to the bar as the rest of us found seats in a bay window. Brendan passed by the pub and looked in, but carried on walking. As the drinks arrived, Brendan walked past in the other direction and dark porn youngest I too young mpeg caught youngtop porn his eye and grinned. He grinned back and blushed. He hesitated and then went on walking."Will you watch him down the road? You can see in that rape young porno direction. I think he's followed us. I feel he's stalking me. Not in a nasty way. He's quite young thai cunts shy and lonely and I think he's plucking up courage to come in here.""He's stopped and has turned back this way but young toon incest is just standing there. Why should he need to have courage to come into a pub?""Despite his height, he's only 17. He's under age. He has never touched booze. He told me once when I said he should go out for a drink in the Students Union bar and make friends. I'm going out to invite him to join us. Any young holes objections?"I brought him in and bought him a pint of lager. We all spoke with him and he gradually relaxed. After his second pint, he was tipsy and giggled at everything. He had another half and fell verry young nudist off the stool."I better take him back to his room. He's pissed. I said he wasn't used to drinking. No, there's tgp younger no need to break up the party. I'll just get him to bed. I've had enough anyway. I'll see you. Come on, my lad, let's get you tucked up safely in bed."Brendan staggered a little, leaning on me heavily as we walked the half-mile back to the student village.He fumbled at the lock to his door."Give me your key." I let us in and dumped him on his bed."You haven't drunk much. For your body size, I would guess that you'll sober up fairly quickly. Here's your key. I'm putting it on your desk."He was pulling off his shoes and socks in a laboured way."If you wait about half an hour, you'll find it easier to undress. You'll be more sober then.""Don't leave me. Please don't go. You said that you'd put me to bed.""To be exact I said that I'd get you to bed. It doesn't carry quite the same implications. Putting you to bed implies that I will undress you.""Well, undress me then.""There's live young girls no need. japanese young modles You may not feel up to doing it yet but you'll be less drunk soon and your can put yourself to bed.""I'm in love with you, Mark. Please, undress me. Please make love to me. Please don't leave me.""You're drunk, Brendan. I'm flattered that you love me but I'm not going to make love to you. You can't make decisions like that when you're pissed.""Please. Just take all my clothes off. Just kiss me. Let me hold you.""I think I should leave now. I'll see you in the morning. I'll see how you are."He burst into tears. I cradled him in my arms and he trickled snot and tears down the side of my neck. He sobbed."I've wan .. wanted you .. aw.. aw .. sweet young malyshok all year . and now.. now . I'll be going .. ho.. home soon and you'll ... you'll graduate and I'll . I'll nev..nev.. never see you again.""Hush. Hush. It's all right. You're OK. I understand. It must have taken a lot of guts to follow me and to tell me." I kissed him on the cheek and he returned it mouth to mouth. His sobbing stopped but he had hiccoughs."OK. Let me undress you then."I unbuttoned his shirt and tried to take it off but I hadn't unfastened the cuffs and the sleeves got stuck on his wrists. Brendan collapsed back on the bed and giggled as I fumbled to get the cuffs free. His chest was broad and smooth, his nipples small and pink. I licked them and they stood erect."Oooh! That's nice." I young girls sucked them again.I unfastened his waistband and pulled his zip down. young offhost pics His jockeys were blue and tightly bulging. I groped his crotch. His dick was hot and hard. I pulled on the bottom of his jeans and young virgin nude he wiggled around to free them from his hips. There he lay. Members young cuties young teen boy Wearing nothing but his bulging blue briefs."You sleep naked or in your underpants?""Take'em off, please."I felt his dick again and he groaned. I lifted the waistband over his throbbing hardon and dragged the underpants down and off. Brendan continued to lie there. His dick was about 6.5 inches but fairly slender. He was still young enough for him to gain some circumference over the next year. I lifted it from his belly youngsex freepics and let it flick back, tightly slapping his belly with a loud snap."Well, no Brewer's Droop, then."He just sniggered and hiccoughed."Into bed." He pulled back the covers and shuffled into bed but left himself uncovered."I always wank before I go to sleep.""Go ahead. I'll see you tomorrow.""I want you to wank me.""All right." I sat on the bed and drew back his foreskin. Firmly and steadily, I stroked the skin back and forth up young child xxx and down the shaft, covering and uncovering his glans. After several minutes, my arm got tired. I changed hands and many minutes later changed back. Brendan litlle young girl was copiously dribbling precum but seemed no nearer to cumming."I'm getting tired, Brendan. I've tried both hands but you're just not cumming. I guess it's the booze. I'll have to go. You might find you can finish your wank later."I kissed him and covered over his crotch, tucking him in. He had sobered up quite a bit in the past half hour and was grinning broadly at me."I haven't been so happy in ages, Mark. Thank you for undressing me and wanking me. It's like a dream come true."I kissed him again, walked to the door and switched off the light, closing the door behind me.The next morning, he knocked on my door. I let him in and he was all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed."Have you had breakfast, Mark?""Not yet.""Good. Are you ready? We can eat together. I meant what very young cum I said last night. I do love you. I'm glad I had a chance to tell you before I left for home. I'm leaving at about 11. My parents are picking me up before lunch.""Oh. I see what you meant last night, now.""Thank you for wanking me. We won't have time to do it again. After breakfast, I must pack and then my folks will be coming. So, I'll have breakfast with you and then say goodbye. Will you write?""OK. Here's a piece of paper. Tear it in half and we'll each write our addresses."After breakfast, he wouldn't come back to my room nor take me to his."If we say goodbye in private, I'll cry. And in any case we might end up having sex and much as I would wish, I don't have the time."I gave him a hug on the path to my building. We rusian young naked wrote maybe two letters each but then nothing.Later that day, though, I was sitting pondering on the fact that I had been chaste (well, almost completely) until three weeks ago. And if you could call what had happened last night sex then I'd had sex with two guys within that time.A knock came to my door. It was Larry, another guy from the mentoring group."I'm catching a train home in three hours so I thought I'd come to see you and say goodbye.""Come in. Sit down. Coffee?""Thanks. I just wanted to thank you for the help you've given in the experimental psychology mentoring group.""You didn't need much help, as I recall. But it's nice of you to visit.""Well, I'm all packed and, to be honest, I was hoping to spend some time with you until my train. Is that OK? Unless you're busy.""No. You're welcome. Milk? Sugar?""Just a bit of milk and one spoon of sugar. Thanks. I've left my luggage in the corridor ready to go to the station. Can I bring it in?""Yes, I'm sure you are able to bring it in. The question is may you? Sorry. I'm teasing. I suppose I can't help being a teacher. I've caught it from my mother. She was a teacher in senior school but now she lectures." I handed him the mug of coffee."Thanks. I know what that's like. Both my parents are teachers. But, that's what I mean. You help me frequently with small corrections like that."He set the mug down on my desk and brought his luggage into my room. We sat in silence for a while sipping our coffee. He was an attractive boy of 18. I found him sexy and we had flirted all through the year. He had shoulder-length blond hair, blue eyes. He was about 5ft 9in girl young sexphoto and skinny, with a pert bubble bum. He wore his trousers fashionably snug fitting. (It was 1970).I tried one or two conversation-opening questions or remarks but conversation kept fizzling out.He looked at his watch. young angles nude "I hope you didn't mind me coming. I thought we might fill in the time before the train. I'll have to leave in about two hours to go to the station."I was being quite obtuse. I didn't get it. He wanted to kill time but wouldn't hold a decent conversation with me. My mind wandered back to Brendan."Brendan went home this lunchtime. We went for a drink last night and he got a bit pissed. I had to put him busty young women to bed."Larry adjusted his crotch. "Did you know he fancied you?""Yes. He told me last night when he was drunk. In fact, he said that he was in love sexi young with me and he wept because he would never see me again.""Did anything happen?""I don't think you should ask questions like that. I assume you're asking whether we had sex. He wanted it. I thought young nude board he was too drunk and I couldn't take it seriously. He had a hardon when I undressed him but I left him to enjoy his orgasm alone."Larry looked at his watch again, looked young folks back at me and then rechecked his watch. When he did so, I gazed at his crotch. I could almost swear that he was getting hard. Was it thinking of Brendan's erection? Oh, shit! Perhaps he wants sex, too, before he goes. But maybe I'm reading too much into it."Er. It seems to me that you've come to see me for a particular reason. You've thanked me. You've told me that you wanted to say goodbye. Very young teens A bit like Brendan being aware that he probably won't see me ever again. You want to kill time until your train but you seem disinclined to chat. We've flirted all year - not seriously, a bit young video modles jokey. It's more or less implicit that I'm gay and I think you are, too. You've asked whether Brendan and I had sex. Unless I'm mistaken - in which young naked erotic case forgive me - but I think this is leading somewhere youngest kid xxx but someone has to make the first move."By this time, I was certain that he had an erection. His crotch looked uncomfortably tightly strained. I reached out to rub the back of my hand against his flies. He pressed my hand into his crotch."So, I am right. You do want sex"Larry nodded, solemnly."Would you like to stand up and relieve sexy young naturists the pressure on your trousers? I suggest you strip off. I'd like to see you forum young naked."He blushed and stood to get undressed. He unzipped his trousers and his dick jumped out. He wasn't wearing any underwear. He took off his trousers and neatly folded them on a chair. He stood naked from the waist down. I thought that in some weird way he looked more arousing with his tight polo necked shirt on than if he had been totally nude. His dick pointed up from his sandy coloured pubes. His scrotum was tight over his neat balls and his dick was about my size. I stroked his tight round bum and his dick twitched. I reached for his dick but he pushed my hand away."No, don't touch it. It's not very big.""It's an OK size, just nice for sucking. Mine's not much bigger - perhaps half an inch bigger - if that. Aren't you going to take your shirt off?""I'd rather not. My chest is too narrow and my ribs stick out. In fact, I'm pigeon-chested and I don't want you to see.""So, you don't like your upper body and you're ashamed of your dick. What do you like about your body?""I would prefer you to ignore my dick and my chest. I think my best feature is my bottom. I'd like you to fuck it. To be honest, I don't feel comfortable about doing anything else. I don't want to wank you or suck you off.""What a strange lad you are. I like you just the way you are. Though I will admit that perhaps you could be doing with a little more meat on your bones. OK. I can fuck you. young sexpics What about kissing and cuddling?""I suppose so.""You're not keen?""I don't know really, I've not been kissed and cuddled by a man.""Have you been fucked? I'm not very uncensored young teens experienced. I don't want you to be hurt by penetration.""Oh, yes, I've been fucked loads of times but only through the holes between cubicles in public toilets or sometimes in the bushes by the beach at night. It's all been rather anonymous and furtive. No affection. No touching. Just a cock shoved up my arse. I've actually touched another guy's dick. But being fucked - even by a stranger - can be awesome.""All right. You're calling the shots. I'll fuck you. I only hope very youngest teens that you find someone that you love and who loves you to fuck with. I'm sure it would be much better.""Well, you're the nearest thing to that. You seem to fancy me and I'm quite fond of you. I don't know if I love you but I do think you're attractive. And I don't know any other gay men." He reached into a shoulder bag that he'd shed beside the bed. He handed young pretten gallery me a tube of KY. I'd never seen any before and for a moment I wondered what it was. Then the penny dropped."Oh, lubrication jelly. Right, Good idea. Thanks."Larry crouched on the edge of the bed. I squeezed KY on my fingers and shoved my index finger into his rectum. I youngest russian virgins found his prostate and rubbed it. He moaned, so I rubbed youngest brutal defloration it bald young boys again and kept rubbing it. His young butt hole sphincter rapidly loosened and I shoved in my middle finger as well. Two fingers pressed against his prostate."Oohh, fucking hell! You don't know what that does to me. Give me more. Use more fingers."I lubricated my ring finger and in that went, too. The tight muscles relaxed further and between moans, he urged me, "That's right, do it faster and deeper. Really batter my prostate. Fucking hell! Christ! That's good."I noticed that he wasn't touching his dick but it was dripping precum onto my bed. He was thrusting back with his hips to force my fingers deeper.I rubbed some KY over my cock and fist young video pulled my fingers out of his bum. I aimed the tip of my dick at the hole and pushed, sliding into him in one smooth stroke - right to the hilt. I stood behind him fucking him doggy-style, holding onto his hips as I slammed into him, again and again. I felt the arousal building and shafted him faster but as I came my movements became slower and deliberate. I was thrusting as deep as I could as if trying to get all of my body into his rectum. I shot cum high into his bowels, spurt after spurt. I collapsed to rest on his back."For fuck's sake don't stop now! I know you've just cum but for young girl masturbation goodness sake use your fingers again."I pulled out with a soft plopping noise and rammed my fingers deeply inside him. young yaoi Larry pushed back Tableaux young against my hand and I vigorously jabbed and rubbed my three fingers against his prostate which was growing bigger and harder. I'd never felt a prostate before. It had never occurred to me when fingering Pete. Larry screamed and gasped as I felt his prostate pulse and his anal sphincter spasm against my invading fingers. Ropes of cum shoot from his cock to form puddles on my bedcovers. Neither of us had touched his dick. I was amazed and fascinated at witnessing and causing a rectal orgasm. Larry collapsed onto my bed, moaning and groaning, sobbing and gasping. young petite galleries My fingers had come out as he fell forward but his body continued to spasm as some sort of post- orgasmic aftershocks raked him."Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! Yes! Oh. Oh. Oh my god! Yes!" He still seemed to be muttering the words he'd screamed at the height of his climax but now softer, less rapid, and less frantic. I felt a bit scared at the intensity of his reactions. Cumming was fantastic for me but I couldn't imagine what he was feeling.His body relaxed and he began to cry, silently. I stroked his back and shoulders. After a moment or two, he rolled over and wiped his tears-streaked face."Bloody amazing, Mark. Bloody amazing. I been fucked good before and I've shoved fingers and other things up my bottom on to young pussy many occasion but never ever have I felt so fucking well fucked. No offense but yours is hardly the biggest dick I've had up there but ... maybe you're right, when I'm with someone I know and care about, maybe . I just don't know. I can't tell you how good that was. I felt as if I was dying and then going to some orgasmic heaven.""You freaked me out a bit, Larry.""Sorry. What time is it? Oh, that's OK. Plenty time. Well, can I just wash myself - my face, my crotch, my bum?""Sure. Be my guest."Still a little breathless, Larry sort of waddled over to the washbasin and filled it with hot water. He carefully washed his face then his belly and crotch, finally his bottom and dried himself on my towel.I busied myself dabbing at the pool of cum on my bed with Kleenex and trying to find the cap for the KY. I found it and screwed it on to the tube. Larry was pulling on his trousers so I want over to wash myself. I dried myself and pulled up my underpants and pants, which were around my ankles. I handed Larry his KY and he stowed in .youngest girl porn his bag."Thanks, Mark. I'll never forget you. I'd better be off now.""Hang on a mo! youngest girl defloration Don't I get a hug or a kiss?""You deserve it. You'll be the first person I've kissed since being a child."We held each other in a young mexican girls tight embrace and he kissed my lips chastely, lips together. Then, apparently gaining confidence and enthusiasm, he young sibling incest parted his lips and pushed his tongue into my mouth. For maybe a couple of minutes we kissed deeply and then he pulled away."There." He grinned and flicked back his hair. "Thanks again. I really enjoyed it. Take care. Bye."He hefted his shoulder bag and suitcase and made for the door. I opened it. Without looking back he disappeared down the corridor. I closed my door, sat on the bed and feeling very stupid, I burst into tears.My only three gay experiences had happened within the past month with people I'd known for 9 months and I wouldn't see any of them again. Fraser Cameron June
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